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About DHI Services


DHI Services Inc. (DHI) provides quality well-site Formation Evaluation Services for domestic and international Oil, Gas and Geothermal exploration companies.


We started mudlogging operations in October of 2006 in California and have expanded our operations globally.  Currently we have the largest mudlogging footprint in Southeast Asia.


Our management team have have worked together since 1991 where we began building International Logging Inc. (ILI) into a global mudlogging power house.


DHI relies on in-house R&D bringing versatile hardware and software products to market to ensure our clients receive increased value in their endeavors.


DHI’s greatest asset is, by far, the people we employ. We work with our people to accommodate their lifestyle and ensure their benefits and aspirations match their performance. Every operational manager at DHI has many years experience in the field and understands the unique challenges involved and how to work through challenging situations.